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BRISTOL – Vote and environment

We got invited by the Bristol hub to attend their conference and place our colourful PR material on the small fair outside it.
Apart from the many interested students, we got also approached by Greenpeace and the New internationalist magazine, getting two more invitations to events organised by them, related with the EP elections.
Cheburashka’s adventure of the day: basket ball into the banners’ tube.

BATH – Y can’t we vote as well?

Bath is magnificent.
There we decided to have a new action: the H Vote. If young people don’t listen to you, try with the homeless, they have the same right to be informed. (it can also come in handy if you have a shortage of money – you can combine street actions with comfortable and unexpensive nights in the Under the Old Bridge Inn).
Were they listening? Oh yes. Attentively. They knew about the EP elections and would very much like to go and vote. Great, finally! Still, not everybody has the same right to vote it seems: if you don’t have a house, you can’t be registered anywhere and therefore you also lose your fundamental right to elect those who govern you. All are equal, but some are less equal than others?
We think this is an injustice and appeal to our future MEPs to guarantee an actual right to vote to all citizens!

Cardiff – home to new democracy

CIMG1883The National Assembly of Wales is the bightest example of transparency, accountability and environmental-friendliness we’ve ever seen! Much more than just a building. After almost setting up a partnership for the distribution of Y Vote material on the spot, we performed our crazy street actions on the market place, after practising them in the park, with some unexpected air performances led by Miha…

Swansea – AEGEE conquers Wales!
Not only Swansea is beautiful (even if rainy), with its long sandy beach, not only we made extensive street actions at the university, but we also had amazing fun!
In this great contribution was given by local students, who showed us around the uni in the daylight and around the bars in nighttime. And after breathing some AEGEE spirit, they are now moving the first steps to open an AEGEE antenna in their city!
Thanks Felix and friends, you’re AWESOMELY AWESOME 🙂


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I am Cise Tunccag and live in Bath temporarily for my Master Degree. After Bristol we went to Bath which is very close to Bristol and it is of the most touristic towns in United Kingdom. And the whole town is in World Heritage list because of the valuable historic buildings in it. Because I live in Bath for 8 months to have my master degree in University of Bath, I know the city well. So I took the participants of our group around to show some of the most important famous things in the area such as The Roman Bath, Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge.

Cise pic 1

Therefore the participants had the opportunity to get an idea about the city, and because usually there are lots of people in the streets of Bath, we had also the opportunity to chat with people in the street and inform them about the importance of the European Parliament Elections and encourage them to vote on the 4th of June by demonstrating the idea with our balloons and bracelets. After having dinner we moved to Cardiff, which is a coastal city and also the capital city of Wales. During the Cardiff trip we have been to the bay of the city. There were open bazaars located as rows within the square of the bay. The bazaar included lots of facilities like shopping, snack shops and even some workshops.


Because of all of those facilities there were lots of citizens spending their time in the area. When we saw this crowd, we decided to perform a street action there, as we would be able to reach a lot of people at once. At first, in order attract attention, we gathered in the centre of the square and performed the Y Vote choreography, which we already practiced in the Cardiff castle park before.


By this choreography we were asking to each other the reasons for voting by shouting so everyone could hear us easily. Each participant was giving one important reason for voting by doing actions with our balloons. So we could attract the attention of people easily. After finishing the choreography we spread around and chatted with the passengers about the elections, trying to make them grasp the importance of it and convince them to vote on the upcoming elections.


It is hard to say weather people were aware of it or not on a general line. Because some of the people were aware of the elections very well and they said that they are willing to vote every elections, whereas others did not ever hear about the upcoming elections on 4th of June. So we tried to convince especially the ones who are not aware of it and who do not know how important this election is for them. I can say that it was such a good job that we did in the bay area of Cardiff because of the availability of the crowd. The day after we moved to Swansea, which is the other coastal city of Wales. There is a university called Swansea University in that city. In our first day in Swansea, one of the responsibles from the International Office of the university showed us the exterior area of the campus, library and also cafes and bars of the campus, which are the most crowded areas of the university during the day. The next day we went to the university again and had our lunch in Fusion Café, the main canteen of the university. There was a gallery floor in that café and after the lunch we all went to the gallery floor with our balloons and gathered in front of the handrails, so that everybody could easily see us from downstairs. At first we attracted the attention by telling a few words and then we did the Y Vote choreography here again. Because it was lunch time there were lots of people and they listened to us until we finished our sentences about the importance of voting in the upcoming elections. There were lots of people from different countries and they were interested about what we were telling. Therefore I believe that we approached our aim very well there. After the canteen action, we went to the main pub of the campus, where students usually spend their time by playing pool, other games, studying and chatting with their drinks. The pub was crowded but the area was not suitable for a similar show as the one performed in the canteen. So we decided to approach students one by one. We spread around individually and talked with people to inform them about the elections.


There were some students already aware of  the importance of the elections and willing to vote, but on the other hand there were some people who did not care. We explained them that these elections will have an important impact on their lives on issues such as education, health, environment and many others. When they listened to us for a few minutes we managed the convince most of them about the idea. After the pub we got involved in a fair in the university dealing with the topic of health care. Every occasion is good! While we had the chance for learn some important things about health, we also informed them about the EP elections. Therefore it was both useful for us and for them to share our ideas and inform each other on those two important topics.


I believe that we did a successful job during our visit of Swansea University because we managed to reach lots of people. Besides all those Y Vote actions that we did as participants we had the chance to visit many important and beautiful sights in all of the cities such as political buildings, museums, churches, squares and also social areas like cafes and pubs, often together with local students. I can say that two of the places that I am particularly fond of are: the National Museum in Wales, where we had opportunity to see the lifestyles of Welsh people especially in ancient times, and the Welsh National Assembly in Cardiff, where we had the opportunity to see that functional modern building and the systems they use for the elections. Besides all of those important experiences that we had in the trip, I believe that we had a great chance to know each other and get close to each other so easily. We become very close friends within only a few days and every one was very kind and helpful to each other. And I can easily say that all of us are proud of our responsible, Tena. She was very willing to satisfy every one during the all trip and also she was very positive to hear ideas from the participants in both social issues and Y Vote actions. And I believe that this was very important and this kind of Tena’s approach helped each of us to had a great experience. I am very glad to be a participant of this organization, knowing all of those participants and also being responsible fo such an important issue as fostering the democratic process is.

IMG_2922IMG_2958Cise Tunccag

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