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Y VOTE UK TOUR – Part II – Afroditi

DAY ONE: Birmingham

Starting from Greece, and having travelled with several means of transport, I finally managed to reach our meeting point where the other participants would be waiting. This was Birmingham, second-most populous British city, the most striking feature of which was, beyond any doubt, the red-brick and terracotta with steel ‘industrial-like’ details architecture with its distinctive, large towering buildings.

Immagine 884

So, there were we. After grabbing a light, but utterly indispensable breakfast, we all gathered in our hotel’s lobby, for a… ‘summit meeting’… to discuss the different reasons why Britain is supposed to be a euro-sceptic country and what are the possible scenarios for the future.

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Later on, after a few timid, but, at the same time absolutely essential rehearsals of our designed-on-the-spot Y Vote choreography, we decided it was high time we burst into the main streets of Birmingham. Having reached the most central part of the city market, we managed to attract people’s attention with our balloons and with our flawless (!) performance… That is why for the next few hours we were all busy ‘attacking’ ‘Brummies’, a term derived from the city’s nickname of Brum.

Despite the fact that many people knew what is taking place on the 4th of June, and even better, many of them appeared determined to vote in the European Elections, other problems came up. We heard many questions like: ‘Who is going to represent Britain in the European Elections?’, ‘How am I going to vote?’, ‘Where do I have to go and vote?’, ‘What papers do I need so that I can vote?’, ‘What is the exact process?’… Luckily, we had Mario, President of AEGEE-Warwick, who told us everything we needed to know regarding the voting procedure.

The day was concluded with a European night in Warwick (more precisely: Leamington), where we tasted traditional spirits and dishes of other countries, the highlight of which was the famous Slovenian ‘Medica’, a kind of mead with honey…


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