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BRISTOL – Vote and environment

We got invited by the Bristol hub to attend their conference and place our colourful PR material on the small fair outside it.
Apart from the many interested students, we got also approached by Greenpeace and the New internationalist magazine, getting two more invitations to events organised by them, related with the EP elections.
Cheburashka’s adventure of the day: basket ball into the banners’ tube.

BATH – Y can’t we vote as well?

Bath is magnificent.
There we decided to have a new action: the H Vote. If young people don’t listen to you, try with the homeless, they have the same right to be informed. (it can also come in handy if you have a shortage of money – you can combine street actions with comfortable and unexpensive nights in the Under the Old Bridge Inn).
Were they listening? Oh yes. Attentively. They knew about the EP elections and would very much like to go and vote. Great, finally! Still, not everybody has the same right to vote it seems: if you don’t have a house, you can’t be registered anywhere and therefore you also lose your fundamental right to elect those who govern you. All are equal, but some are less equal than others?
We think this is an injustice and appeal to our future MEPs to guarantee an actual right to vote to all citizens!

Cardiff – home to new democracy

CIMG1883The National Assembly of Wales is the bightest example of transparency, accountability and environmental-friendliness we’ve ever seen! Much more than just a building. After almost setting up a partnership for the distribution of Y Vote material on the spot, we performed our crazy street actions on the market place, after practising them in the park, with some unexpected air performances led by Miha…

Swansea – AEGEE conquers Wales!
Not only Swansea is beautiful (even if rainy), with its long sandy beach, not only we made extensive street actions at the university, but we also had amazing fun!
In this great contribution was given by local students, who showed us around the uni in the daylight and around the bars in nighttime. And after breathing some AEGEE spirit, they are now moving the first steps to open an AEGEE antenna in their city!
Thanks Felix and friends, you’re AWESOMELY AWESOME 🙂


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London, Portsmouth, Oxford, Bristol… after been in these lovely cities you start to have an idea about how is England -from the west to the east, from the south to the north- their life, their customs, their culture fill you with feelings and experiences, like an addiction, as more you see you want to know and see more and more, this country has something special that make you feel different and lucky of been in one in the best places in the world to live, here you can notice that the fame of UK is not a coincidence, you can check how advanced is this country and how many rich things they have to visit and a certain way in which they are the great country everybody knows… historically always was in the top of the cavitations and as we know the things didn’t change now. Let’s go to continue discovering and experimenting the advantages of this.

A Spanish guy.

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After two nice days in Oxford, we headed to Bristol! With the shiny sun and the beautiful weather, we finally made our way to this small nice city, pretty much different from all the other cities we visited till now: a cross over between San Francisco up and down hills and modern spaces and building like Sidney, really incredible to find something like this in the middle of UK! We didn’t have much time to explore more the city so we want straight to the University Union of Bristol and wrapped up all our Y VOTE pr material, ready for any possible promotion and presentation!

After a long day of work, here come the fun and for the night, after a nice typical British dinner, we took some beers and went out to meet some Slovenian Erasmus friends of Urban, and all together to this nice Slovenian girl’s apartment! For sure, one of the most international nights of the trip, with people from Mexico to France. Well it’s always nice to have connection in every city you visit and between those new friends we make, it’s like a bit feeling like home every time!


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