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After spending our day in Coventry carrying a lot of ‘Y Vote spirit’ in our bags and making also some Street Actions, our next destination was about to be the most challenging of all. We were all something more than delighted, taking into consideration that there are many people, especially youth studying in Cambridge who are totally uninformed and that we were given this one in a lifetime chance to inspirit them the necessity to vote.

Having slept for about six hours, we woke up at eight thirty, we filled our stomachs with the famous not-a-chance-to-feel-hungry-until-afternoon English breakfast and headed towards the most central park of Cambridge.

After reaching the park, we prepared everything at the speed of light: a table full of cookies, balloons, bracelets, posters, participants… The park was overcrowded with students and the weather seemed –gradually– to be on our side, so we didn’t spare a moment and started spreading the ‘Y Vote’ spirit to UK people…

Immagine 056

Although a table full of cookies was a real ‘bait’ and, more or less, an eye-catching temptation, for the first hour, things were going as anticipated.

Apart from negligence, we realized that, in the first place, people were something more than distant with several ‘first-touch’ problems coming to surface. They weren’t even looking at us! And here is when our driver Miha made his presence felt… He totally transformed himself into a moving advertisement by placing a tailor-made piece of paper on his chest explaining the ‘Y Vote’ reasons. He was moving around in order to attract people’s attention. And somehow (!), he did it. In about three hours, everything had vanished… Cookies, Y Vote bracelets, balloons…

free cookies 2

In order to reward ourselves for the quite successful street action, what was better than to quench our thirst with a beer at the most famous pub of Cambridge, ‘The Eagle’, where Frances Crick and James Watson had made the first public announcement of the discovery of DNA…


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